Ambitious new media startup FactorDaily aims to be India’s Wired

It’s been a while since I’ve written about a new media startup raising funding in Asia. There were quite a few last year — including Tech In Asia, Deal Street Asia and E27 — but now we have a story of note for 2016. FactorDaily, a newly formed startup in India, has raised $1 million to kick start its efforts to build a consumer tech publication for, and from, India.

FactorDaily quietly emerged this year, initially publishing stories on Facebook, LinkedIn and Medium before it put up its website — — this week.

The company is helmed by ex-Economic Times pair Pankaj Mishra (CEO/editor-in-chief — and former TechCruncher) and Jayadevan PK (managing editor). The core team also includes CTO Titash Neogi and former Business Today editor Josey John who is on board as consulting editor.

The objective, Mishra told me over the phone this week, is to create a new kind of digital platform in India.

“We believe we can build The Verge or Wired of India, a really scalable digital media company from India,” Mishra further explained.

“Technology is beginning to go mainstream in India, changing the way people are living and doing business. It’s both disruptive and transformative. Indians are so hungry [and are] applying technology to how they live, this shift is happening. As storytellers, we think there is a great opportunity if we can ride this wave and capture the story of tech’s intersection with life,” he added.

Mishra and co have pulled together a team of 10 that they believe is up to the task. The publication’s focus is split into four core areas: covering India’s most influential tech companies, exploring how technology is affecting modern life in the country, lifestyle and gadgets — which isn’t focused solely on phone reviews, by the way, — and, finally, future disruption. Video is a major focus of said editorial mission.